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I'm a computer science student. I procrastinate (a lot). I like art. I like reading. I like movies. I live on an island. Yeah. (Also, 少し日本語が話せる. :-) )

This page is mostly (relatively carefully curated, but in the end probably not too cohesive...) reblogs, but I do post stuff I find while out and about on the web, and also blog occasionally (mostly about the stress of exams and programming projects).

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It’s 3:16 am I can hear Jesus telling me to go to sleep

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Stop shopping at Urban Outfitters.
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DOnt shop at urban outfitters 


they literally sold a blood-stained-looking sweatshirt with the name of a college that there was a school shooting at 


they sold prescription-drug related accessories trying to make it cute


they sold a board game entitled “gettopoly” i should not have to explain why this is bad


they sold a super cissexist card with the T slur on it 


they literally sold this shirt



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Some Guy Recreated a Bunch of Female Tinder Pics and They’re Glorious

I chose my favorites, but you can find the rest here

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all I wanted was to iron the goddamn creases into my pants but the laundry room is hot af, and the fucking light is sensor ed except the sensor can't see fucking anything unless u fucking wave at it from 2 feet away, meanwhile the ironing station is behind the motherfucking corner who the fuCK designed this god damned room, and the timer Is like TWO MINUTES WHO THE FUCK CAN DO ANYTHING IN TWO MINUTES, especially not iron a pair of fucking pants forget the second pair even, I gave up after getting the wrinkles out the 2nd like forget the damn crease I'll just be a basic looking motherfucker in my damn pants shit, this is what I get for trying, I am going to disassemble the light sensor, dorm life sucks sometimes, telling tags, sorry if u made it to the end,
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stop everything: top gun is getting a sequel!
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stop everything: top gun is getting a sequel!

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Let’s live our lives heroically / Let’s live them with style

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"White feminism" does not mean every white woman, everywhere, who happens to identify as feminist. It also doesn’t mean that every "white feminist" identifies as white. I see "white feminism" as a specific set of single-issue, non-intersectional, superficial feminist practices. It is the feminism we understand as mainstream; the feminism obsessed with body hair, and high heels and makeup, and changing your married name. It is the feminism you probably first learned. "White feminism" is the feminism that doesn’t understand western privilege, or cultural context. It is the feminism that doesn’t consider race as a factor in the struggle for equality.

White feminism is a set of beliefs that allows for the exclusion of issues that specifically affect women of colour. It is “one size-fits all” feminism, where middle class white women are the mould that others must fit. It is a method of practicing feminism, not an indictment of every individual white feminist, everywhere, always.

This Is What I Mean When I Say “White Feminism”

Please, everybody: read this article!

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