Ramblings of a Lazy CS Student

I'm a computer science student. I procrastinate (a lot). I like art. I like reading. I like movies. I live on an island. Yeah. (Also, 少し日本語が話せる. :-) )

This page is mostly (relatively carefully curated, but in the end probably not too cohesive...) reblogs, but I do post stuff I find while out and about on the web, and also blog occasionally (mostly about the stress of exams and programming projects).

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This blog is currently under construction! I'm slowly creating a custom theme for myself and atm have only finished the text, photo, and photoset post layouts. Sorry for any inconvenience! :B
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idek why I made this just have it lol, also it's transparent, gifs, lisa frank, transparent gifs, colors, mypost,